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I don’t resent the Fifty Shades Freed Online of Gray establishment its association with Audi. Genuinely I don’t. I appreciate observing traditionally appealing performers drive smooth, costly, extravagance autos as much as anyone else, regardless of whether they’re hustling through the wide open or getting it on in the R8’s minimal however shockingly ample inside.

That sort of item situation is a characteristic fit for the Fifty Shades establishment, since E.L. James’ books are as of now stuffed with notices of the German extravagance cars in any case. Indeed, even the trailer for Fifty Shades Freed made no endeavor to camouflage what it truly is, a two-hour auto business with discontinuous boning, so you can’t blame the informing for being anything even near subliminal.

No, I unquestionably wouldn’t fret that Christian Gray’s carport is loaded with more Audis than a solitary individual could discover use for or that he gives Ana an A3 in the principal film, since he can. That is all fine. However, what for the sake of Christian’s sex pants do the movie producers—or E.L. James, besides—have against the unassuming Dodge Durango?The Dodge Durango is the vehicle of decision for Fifty Shades Freed’s lowlife. How would I know this? Since not exclusively do we see this Dodge at different focuses in the film, different characters additionally accommodatingly remind us, each time it’s onscreen, that the auto we are taking a gander at is a Dodge Durango.

This starts when Ana and Christian acknowledge they’re being followed in transit once more from their recently bought home. The auto in interest is a blue Dodge with counterfeit plates, we’re educated, and keeping in mind that we don’t know precisely why they’re following our horny saints, it’s without a doubt for some debased, obscure reason. Who is the driver? What are their expectations? We can’t tell if there’s a man or a lady in the driver’s seat, and Christian and Ana have aggregated such huge numbers of adversaries now that they can’t make sense of which of them wishes them hurt. The main thing we do know: They drive a Dodge Durango. Detestable!

Indeed, even once we put a face to this scalawag—it’s Ana’s ex-supervisor and Christian’s old child care pal, Jack Hyde—the Dodge still assumes a basic part in the film. “There’s a blue Dodge stopped in the back road with tinted windows,” Hyde tells Ana menacingly finished the telephone, requesting her to get inside. No! Not the Dodge! Don’t you know Ana’s agreement stipulates that she can just ride in Audis?! As the last confrontation happens and projectiles fly, the Durango is still there, obediently holding up out of sight.

Why is there so much accentuation set on this present vehicle’s make and model? Though Audi gets a shoutout in Fifty Shades Freed’s credits for giving their autos in the film, a representative for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which claims Dodge, discloses to me that the organization was not engaged with Fifty Shades Freed’s generation, which implies that the movie producers recently concluded that it was basic that the reprobates drive a Dodge, as in James’ book. Why was that detail so essential?

Perhaps the appropriate response is that the Dodge is intended to be emblematic. All things considered, the Audi R8 is Christian Gray’s auto of decision, which is fitting, given his enormous riches, smooth casing, and unapproachable “identity,” a word I use here freely. (Likewise, it’s dim, and that is his name!) Meanwhile, we come to comprehend that Hyde is somewhat of a hostile to Christian Gray: Both men experienced childhood in the Detroit child care framework, yet Christian had the good fortunes to be received by a well off family while Hyde endured the awful destiny of maturing out of the framework and in the long run getting a grant to Princeton and a respectable activity at a distributing organization? I figure the fact of the matter is that he attempted to get where he was, and he has a genuine chip on his shoulder about it.

So what does it say in regards to Hyde that he drives a Dodge Durango? All things considered, contrasted with a R8, which costs upward of $164,000, it’s out and out crude. It’s likewise a SUV, which implies it’s solid, and Hyde positively considers himself a survivor. For the most part, however, it only sort of appears like James and the movie producers are auto big talkers.

By what other means would you be able to represent a film where the saints drive extravagance vehicles while the terrible person is stuck driving around like an especially tense soccer mother?That sort of self importance would absolutely clarify this wiped out consume coordinated at another foe, before in the film: “You can go and move into your poop shaded auto and drive back to Seattle.” Damn, Ana. Not every person has an armada of Audis available to them.