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If the Justice League reunites, the Joker expects an invitation.A group of fans has been campaigning for the voice cast of the early 2000s Justice League cartoon reunite for a new Justice League animated film. Susan Eisenberg, the voice of Wonder Woman, has taken up that charge and been campaigning on behalf of fans.Recently, Eisenberg took to Twitter and asked fans what they’d like to see from a Justice League reunion. One fan asked if Mark Hamill, the beloved voice of the Joker in the DC Animated Universe, could come along.

Eisenberg made it clear that Hamill had an “open invitation.” Hamill responded to Eisenberg, tweeting, “You know where to reach me.”At one point, Hamill had implied that he’d retired from voicing the Joker after completing work on the Batman Arkham games. He returned to the role in the Batman: The Killing Joke animated film and seems eager to step into the Joker’s shoes once again.

Hamill isn’t the only one. His old rival Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, said on Twitter that he’s spoken to Eisenberg and wants in on a reunion as well.“I have spoken with [Susan Eisenberg] and She told me, if we want a Justice League animated movie with the original cast, we need to let WB know. Tweet @WBHomeEnt with the hashtag #JLReunion. Also, Andrea Romano will even come out of retirement to direct it!”

Andrea Romano is the legendary voice director who cast and guided the voices of the DC Animated Universe and many more fan-favorite animated shows and films. She retired in 2017.

In a separate interview, some of the voice cast discussed what they would want from an animated Justice League reunion, including the romance between Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman.“Well, selfishly, I’d love to explore the relationship between Bruce and Diana a bit more, and I know there are some wonderbat fans out there who feel the same way,” Eisenberg said. “But mostly, I would just love to see a story where The League is united in its fight of good vs. evil, with some romance and levity thrown in for good measure!”

Keep tweeting the JLReunion hashtag and maybe the fans can make the Justice League reunion happen.DC Comics fans have been waiting for years to see a Justice League movie, and last November, that finally happened, with Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg coming together to battle Steppenwolf in the fifth DC Extended Universe tale. However, while it didn’t earn quite the critical thrashing that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad did, Justice League underwhelmed both critically and commercially in theaters. With Justice League now available on Digital HD, the folks at Honest Trailers have selected it as their next target, and one of the main critiques is the weird CGI peppered throughout the movie.If you compare the early Justice League trailers with the ones released in the immediate months before the movie hit theaters, you can tell that there were major changes made during post-production, particularly with the climactic battle, which changed the original dark lighting to orange everywhere.

But that wasn’t the only way Justice League learned hard into CGI. From Steppenwolf to the Mother Boxes to Cyborg, this was a movie that took full advantage of digital effects, and sometimes that didn’t pay off. Case in point, the work done on removing Henry Cavill’s mustache, which the actor was unable to shave off due to his work on Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Even if you think that this was Cavill’s best performance as Superman yet, it’s hard not to focus on that digitally-manipulated face. Uncanny valley, anyone?CGI was just one of the issues that the latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies highlights. From behind-the-scenes troubles to inconsistent connectivity with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (we never did follow up on that warning future Flash delivered to Bruce Wayne) to so many advertised scenes not making the final cut, it’s clear that Justice League didn’t turn out to be one of the more cherished contributions to the superhero movie genre. However, that’s not to say that Justice League didn’t have some positive elements, and if Justice League 2 still ends up happening, hopefully the people working on the sequel can learn from the mistakes made on the first movie and give audiences an even better story starring DC’s most famous superhero team.

Justice League is now available for digital purchase, and the Blu-ray/DVD will hit shelves on March 6. There’s no word on if an extended version of the movie, Zack Snyder cut or otherwise, will ever be released. The next DCEU installment, Aquaman, hits theaters on December 21, and don’t forget to look through our DC movies guide to find out what else the franchise has coming up.

The Justice League is in hot water these days — the kind that even affects Aquaman. For the book’s current story arc, the writer Priest has introduced a rather pointed villain known as the Fan.

The Fan, inspired by their heroism, has been with the Justice League from the beginning, . He’s also listened to all their communications and studied all their personalities and methods, and now he thinks that he knows more about what the Justice League should be than the Justice League does. He’ll ruin their public image in order to get them to bow to his wishes — and it’s not hard to see the parallels Priest is drawing to actual toxic fan relationships to creators.

And in this week’s Justice League Welcome to comics, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman design! After delivering his speech and handing Aquaman a self-hydrating costume, the Fan teleports away — but it’s not the last reference to the many versions of these characters that real-life fans have latched on to.

The Fan kicked off his Justice League correction campaign with framing Batman for the assassination of a congresswoman — by killing her while dressed as Batman. In Justice League #39, Cyborg has the understandably difficult job of convincing a senate hearing to simply take the Justice League on its word when he says that this wasn’t the actual Batman. A senator draws his attention to the crowd gathered outside the senate chambers, made up of people claiming to be the real Batman.39, the writer is dialing up that metatextual subtext even further.Thanks to the Fan’s control of the Justice League satellite’s teleportation system, some members of the League are still stranded across the globe, namely Aquaman, who was dropped in the middle of the largest desert in the world. The Fan shows up to murder some ruffians who’ve come across the weakened and dehydrated king, and deliver a bit of a classic villain speech.